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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 26, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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a terrible tragedy is unfolding tonight inside of a delaware apartment building. four people, and a family dog are all dead, it appears they were poisoned to death by carbon monoxide. seven other people are being treated at area hospitals trying to recover from the fumes. friday night, jim's off, i'm rick williams. the big story on "action news" tonight is a silent kill their leaked in apartment units and claimed several lives. a "action news" broke this story at 6:00 o'clock tonight. we have learned much more since then. tonight "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene along 500 block of homestead road in wilmington with the new information, jeff
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>> reporter: rick, one apartment buildings have been vacated as police investigate. they are not confirming carbon monoxide was, in fact, the cause at this time but they say levels of the dangerous gas were high. sources say that this boiler roomies focus of the investigation into what may have killed four people at the hidden valley apartments. >> edward dunfee alerted authorities to a potential problem when he could not reach his brother. >> my mother, and all, i tried calling. for two days. i come here three times a day. then i went to the office to make a courtesy call. >> reporter: dunfee says police found bodies of his brother, karl timothy dunfee, his girlfriend, another friend and their dog. >> officers began to evacuate the building and discovered another deceased subject inside a different apartment. >> reporter: emergency crews found high levels of the carbon monoxide inside
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building f and g. residents were tested for poisoning. seven were taken to the hospital. >> it appears this was carbon monoxide. >> it is environmental factor. we cannot figure out what exactly it is until further investigation is conduct. >> reporter: red cross is helping displaced residents find places to stay until it is a safe to return to the building. meanwhile dunfee is grieving and waiting for answers, to what claimed so much lives. >> what do you want people to know about your brother. >> he was a real good guy. >> reporter: now, police have not yet released the names of the victims until their family has been notified. it is unclear how long the resident will be out of their homes. we are live in wilmington, delaware, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news", rick. >> jeff, thank you. postal worker was killed tonight in southwest philadelphia. it happened at seventh fourth and lindberg boulevard just after 8:00 o'clock. unidentified victim was struck by a car and pronounced dead at the scene. the striking vehicle stopped
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and then was rear ended by a second vehicle. the scene is adjacent to the large u.s. postal distribution center, near the airport. and about the same time another pedestrian was struck this time on roosevelt boulevard, near ryan in northeast philadelphia. police say a man was crossing the northbound inner lanes when he was hit by a motorcycle. unidentified 50 year-old man was rushed to aria torresdale hospital in very critical condition. and there is more, a case of hit and run in southwest philadelphia, sent a 12 year-old girl to the hospital. this too happened just after 8:00 at 56th and springfield. so far police have not released a description of the fleeing vehicle. the girl was rushed to children's hospital. her injuries are satisfied to be non-life threatening. new at 11:00 tonight in the brussels terror investigation. french police released this photo of the man they believe is one of the suspects who escaped. twenty-eight year old, najim laachraoui, the man seen dropping a bag of failed,
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boxes at the airport or second bomber at the subway. belgium officials, confirm the man on the left of this infamous pictures, one of the suicide bombers at the airport, built a suicide vest, used in the paris attacks last year. anti terror raid continue in brussels, one of them playing out in dramatic fashion in broad daylight. authorities shot a suspect as he was waiting in the trans stop with his daughter. seconds later police move in beckoning the young girl to come with them and bomb disposal robot is brought into investigate a bag he was carrying. the at that .3 men dragged the wounded suspect a way. in an explosives expert moves into scour the tracks nearby. and tonight, investigators will only say that this was an anti terror operation, they have in the yet, identified the man they were targeting. many are wondering how do you protect against a bomber moving freely against an airport or subway station? some security officials say best line of defense is right
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under our noses, or in fact, under a dog's nose. it is a k-9 that prove to be a better early warning system then any manmade technology. specialized, vapor dogs can do far more than regular bomb sniffing dog. they can detect explosive particles as a suspect moves through a crowd and track it to its source. but it is just not enough dogs to go around apparently. only 130 have gotten the specialized training in the past decade. only one dog, is in europe. even though brussels is a high profile target, isis is still victimizing the people of iraq. a suicide bomber blew himself up in a soccer stadium south of baghdad killing 29 people and wounding 60 more. it comes as iraqi military anal is are gaining ground on the islamic state retaking 40 percent of areas isis once controlled there. a new effort is mounting tonight called operation conquest with the goal of
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liberating mosul, iraq's second largest city. american troops could be sent into back them up but not on the front line. pentagon officials said today they will bring a plan to president obama soon to increase the america's military presence, in iraq. meanwhile u.s. is picking off top isis leaders one at a time. today they announced special forces secretly sent into syria, killed islamic state's second in command, abdel raman, a man who was in charge of the finances, and some terror plots. we know, that he was, actively planning, external attacks, presumably in the west or even in the united states. >> the removal of this isil leader will hamper the organization's ability to conduct operations both inside and outside of the iraq and syria. >> the u.s. commandos went into capture him a live.
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he would have had crucial intelligence but he reportedly would not give up without a fight, even when he was surrounded. well, talking temperatures tonight, cooler air is moving in but it should be a nice couple of days for the easter weekend. lets get very latest, meteorologist adam joseph at the "action news" big board tonight. >> hi there, rick. we are cooling things down for the weekend after a very spring-like day, in fact, may-like day around here. seventy-three was the high in philadelphia. seventy-two for trenton, wilmington. atlantic city airport. seventy-one poconos. lower 60's. we have had clouds and a few showers passing bias a front progressed through. as you can see those showers are long gone and we are seeing clear skies, north and west of philadelphia, still some stubborn clouds hanging on in southern parts of the new jersey and delaware but even there those northwesterly wind will evaporate that moisture in the upper atmosphere and will lose that cloud cover. where we still have clouds it is still fairly warm. temperatures in philadelphia, 55, 54 millville as well as atlantic city airport.
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you can see 40's to the north and west and mount pocono now down to 39 degrees. that will continue its journey in from the north and west. as we look at the temperatures over the next 12 hours for philadelphia a, specifically, we dropped down around 40 degrees at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. thirty's in the suburbs. but that sunshine is in control tomorrow morning, through 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon with temperatures, going into the lower 50's and as we get into saturday afternoon and evening, sunshine is still in control. this is 6:30 tomorrow evening. fifty-four allentown. fifty-six in philadelphia a. fifty-two in wilmington. so much cooler. but this is more typical for this time of the year but we will lose some of the sunshine going into easter sunday, rick. i will chat about that in the full accu weather forecast. >> all right, adam, we will seal you later, thank you. princeton is one of the number of of universities across the country that has been seemingly hacked by a white supremacist group with the goal of spreading anti sematic messages. flyers with disparaging comments about jews and links
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to neo nazi web sites have been spewing out from network connected printers a and fax machines at princeton, brown university, u.s.c., u-conn, u-mass, northeastern and others. experts say this appears to be a new tactic for a hate cream. princeton released a statement tonight saying princeton attachedes great importance to mutual respect and we deplore hatred directed against any individual or group. hundreds of the people turned out in germantown tonight calling for an end to the gun violence that has hit their community. it doesens of religious leaders, parishioners and residents who simply had enough took to the streets in a show of force, the hope is to bring an end to the senseless killings. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has more, from germantown. >> ♪ >> reporter: as many as 300 people carried t-shirts, with the names of those killed in gun violence marched through streets of the germantown in memorial. they sang, a word which means
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what have we done. >> so we bless this site with holy what the other, and setting aside the sacred sites. >> they marched to a number of sites where people were killed. here among them was mumia johnson harold whose 18 year-old son charles johnson was shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity. >> we have to stop this devastation in our community. >> reporter: loretta cox didn't even know about the march until she went by and noticed a t-shirt with her stepson's name, 24 year-old john cox, killed in gun violence almost a year ago today on march 27th. >> i just pray they get all of the killers off the street and stop the violence. >> reporter: thinks eighth year of the stations of the cross gun violence prevention walk, sponsored by a number of faith organizations and churches. each year it seems t-shirt memorials to the loss grows in numbers, a and more names, are added. naturally we often hear of gun violence on the the streets of philadelphia and one person shot and killed in one place and another shot somewhere else. it was chilling to hear all of
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those victims names at once. it was symbolic in fact, intentionally they were holding this event on good friday. >> it is symbol of the cross is symbol of the execution at the hand of the state. we really see victims of the gun violence as really being victims of a lack of policy around guns and control. >> reporter: overall organizers are hoping and praying foreign to the senseless violence that seems to have no end. >> i ask that you all look at the names on your shirts and these are all lives that matter. >> reporter: in germantown i'm dann cuellar for channel six a "action news". 07-mile an hour speed limits will be coming to the pennsylvania turnpike, in interstate highways in may. penndot and the turnpike commission are studying what stretches of the road are safe to get the increase. it won't happen every where, for example, more urban areas where current limit is 55 are unlikely to see a bump to 70. a test on the 100-mile stretch
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of the turnpike between morgan town and blue mountain found ape decrease in accidents even though there was more traffic. well, this car was going 0 t into an accident. a chunk of ice fell from out of the blue, and crashed through windshield, while it was parked at a central pennsylvania car dealership. it happen just after 4:00 o'clock this afternoon and mccafferty ford kia, and in one was hurt. authorities are trying to figure out where the ice came from and it may have been from a plane. but the dealership in the a area near the haverford airport. the car involved on this good friday, was a kia soul. holy week continues today with good friday services, tonight, the lutheran church of the our savior in haddonfield marked services of the shadows. participants, the nature of his sacrifice and the somber reflection leads to the joyousness of easter. service of the shadows by the way has been practiced since
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medieval times. a dramatic reinact. of the stations of the cross took place tonight on this good friday, in merchantville, camden county. the stations is a 14 step process that commemorates jesus christ last day on earth, as a man. and still to come on "action news" tonight, from attacks on lives, to allegations of infidelity, in the republican race. and, birdies the word at a bernie sanders rally with think evening. and the drug makers say they should make it hard are for people to get hooked on painkillers, adam. many people are planning outdoor activities the this easter weekend but pollen levels will be on the high side before they drop with some rain on monday. we will have all of the weather details, including the area temperatures when we come up in accu weather. and ducis rodgers, is here, to preview villanova's big game tomorrow night, elite match up against number one kansas when "action news" comes right back.
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we have breaking news, just in, u.s. coastguard crews are scouring the atlantic ocean off brigantine, new jersey at this hour for three possibly four missing boaters. officials were notified a few hours ago of a capsized fishing vessel. two coastguard boats, helicopter and c130 airplane are searching an area about a half mile off of the coast. so far, no sign of the missing boaters. on the campaign trail tonight donald trump is denying allegations that he is spreading rumors about ted cruz personal life. two republican presidential candidates have been in a war of words this week, trump said in a statement today that he knows nothing about allegations on social media and supermarket tabloid that cruz has cheated on his wife, heidi. cruz forcefully denied the rumors. >> you know, this national
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inquirer story is garbage. it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear. it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his men. >> when asked if he would vote for trump if he wins the g.o.p. nomination, cruz says he does not support people who attack his family. bernie sanders campaign event tonight generated plenty of tweet, literally, because it involved a bird landing on the senator's lectern. the story has been trending as birdie sanders. it was an impressive turnout for democratic challenger, 20,000 people packed an arena in portland, oregon to hear bernie speak and we're told he had to wing it. hillary clinton was not the on the campaign trail but maintains a delegate lead of 300 in the democratic racing nothing to tomorrow's caucus in a last is a, hawaii and washington state. bucks county community came together tonight to help a family with two ailing
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children. the family in doylestown has a five-year old boy struggling with spina bifada but recently their seven year-old son dominic was diagnosis with the stage three brain tumor. he is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. this prayer vigil was held to make neighbors aware of the family situation and raise fund for their ongoing, medical need. well, on health check at 11:00 the f.d.a. is calling on the pharmaceutical industry to make powerful painkillers more resistant to abuse. for example, the drugs can be produced in forms that cannot be crushed or altered, and f.d.a. wants drug makers to research whether formulations they come up with actually make a difference in addiction. guidance from the f.d.a. will help drug makers to make cheaper generic versions with deterrence as well. a heads up for those who are allergic to tree pollen or mold. you may be suffering symptoms this weekend.
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the asthma center in center city is reporting tree pollen is very high, and mold at the high level as well. so if you take medications, do so before victims starve and do what you can to limit your exposure to pollen. keep windows up in your home and car, wash your hair after being outside and wipe off your pets when they come inside. good advice. >> it will be a nice weekend though. it will be tough for allergy sufferers but it should be a sunny weekend. >> tell easter bunny don't hide a eggs under elm or mapel tree. >> okay. >> i like eggs with money in them. >> really. >> when i was a kid. >> yes. >> yes. lets take a look right now double scan live radar, we have no precipitation wise. ape chopper six was high above center city, the c ira center there rooting on villanova with that v all a glow there at the split of the vine street expressway and the
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schuylkill expressway. as we look the a the numbers north and west, 40's right now, for lancaster, reading, allentown. cooler air pushing from the north and west. fifty-five in philadelphia. fifty-four millville. lower 50's to the south. 39 degrees in mount pocono. as we look at the satellite and radar, again, front is off the coast. heaviest cloud cover and those scattered showers, but a lot of clouds trying to be stubborn, lingering to the farther points of the north and west of pennsylvania and upper new york state. but even there, it will fall apart as high pressure takes control this weekend over new england. that high will pretty much take over the north east mid-atlantic down to the ohio valley but send in northeasterly wind. it is much cooler. this is pretty typical if not a little bit a above normal. 60 degrees for tomorrow. bright start to the weekend. the as that high departs low pressure develops down to the south. it will start to send the wyndmoor easterly off of the water. that is a moist win. you will throw a little bit more cloud cover our way. sixty-two for easter sunday.
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a lot of clouds in the morning. the despite it stays mild and some sun in the afternoon n fact, as we break down the day for you, sunrise for those services, 41 degrees a lot of clouds with a slight chill. we will start to see some sunshine breaking out, in the meantime in the afternoon. it won't be a bright, sunny day but not a bad day with temperatures in the the 50's at noon and then lower 60's in the afternoon. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, the brighter of the two weekend days, tomorrow, more cloud, but dry sunday. it is 62. and then on monday that system to the south and system to the the west, push through and it throws rain our way just in time for the monday morning rush hour here. this is a snapshot of future tracker six. it apparently shows a rainy day it is looking at this point. 63 degrees. brightly cooler, tuesday, seasonal, 56. and then we're still above average wednesday, thursday, and into friday, of next week, other than monday overall, it is looking like a dry week ahead so have the great easter weekend, finally, those eggs,
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and candy, and bring them in monday. >> i like peeps actually. >> thanks, adam. chosen 300 ministries mark good friday with the community meal and worship. the evening was held at its location in philadelphia's mantua section. organization has launched a new program to offer even more help to those in need. the family first housing program will help families hoff taken the necessary steps to improve themselves and are ready for
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time for sports. ducis is here talking about march madness. many people say kansas is the best team in the country but villanova has proven to be no slouch. >> no team is playing better than villanova and had been last few days. call it match up of the ncaa tournament so far. villanova against number one team in the nation kansas tomorrow night. cats have one thing in their favor a not so secret weapon. jeff skversky sets stage from louisville. >> last time villanova played kansas three years ago, ryan
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arcidiacono hit a game winning three with ten seconds to go hitting big shots, that is nothing new for the villanova senior. his journey here to the elite eight started in bucks county, and his parents living room on a net much smaller then this. >> he is reaching up as a little toddler throwing ball up in the air. >> reporter: villanova guard ryan arcidiacono has been playing basketball since he was three years old, and just like he has done in the ncaa tournament he used to make shot after shot on a fischer price net in his langhorne living room. his parents, jill and patty who met at villanova and graduated in the 1980's remember it like it was yesterday. >> destroys the house. >> we had a lot of holes in the wall. >> yes. >> reporter: do you remember destroying the living room. >> yeah, we broke my mom's wedding picture, so yeah, over the tv. >> yes, fill it up to the fireplace and get our picture and smash it. >> reporter: thankfully for nova he gets more accurate these days and now the guard
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is destroying the competition. he scored 21 against miami, to lead them to the elite eight, where they will face kansas on saturday. as a team villanova a is shooting 60 percent, the best by a tournament team in 22 years. >> we have been doing it in the game on a consistent basis like we have is surprising. >> to do what he is doing on the biggest stage, on something he has watched his whole life, it is an amazing fulfillment for him anus. >> reporter: saturday is arcidiacono's between the second birthday. he is only wishing for one thing, to beat number one ranked kansas and get to the final four. with the villanova wildcats, jeff skversky for channel six a "action news". >> sweet 16 action at the wells fargo center tonight. notre dame defeats wisconsin 61-56. late game right now, north carolina is up on indiana 54-43, second half action. drexel made it official, zach spiker is new basketball coach. spiker comes from army where
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he spent seven seasons. he led army to 19 wins this past year, it most in 30 years. still ahead, miguel franco is at it again, plus, the fill boys like manager pet
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pete mackanin has made a good impression on the phillies front office. as a result team has extended his contract through the 2017 season. mackanin appreciates the gesture and he is optimistic about the upcoming season. >> we have a bunch of good
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guys. we're going to see what happens this year. i think we will win more games then we are given credit for but the main thing is to keep us moving in the right direction, and building as we go along. >> mackanin and phillies, hosting blue jays in clearwater. third inning miguel frank co with his eighth home run of the spring. we will declare him ready for the regular season. the game end in a four-all tie. >> looking good. >> yeah. >> they are too. >> thanks, ducis. international hockey combined with international friend ships in delaware county today. vikings from finland played haverford hawks in havertown. it is part of the cultural exchange that focuses on shared experiences between the youngsters and their families, off the ice. that exchange, doesn't just happen here in, 2017, the hawks will send a couple of teams, to finland. and jimmy kimmel live next here on channel six followed by night line.
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jimmy's guest, henry cavel, and music from molly. "action news", i don't know, tomorrow morning at 5:30. for ducis rodgers, adam joost he have, jim gardner, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a wonderful weekend. we will see you next week.
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